A multi-channel network (MCN)


Grow your channel earnings and open up supplemental revenue streams


SEO and data-driven tweaking to increase discoverability and engagement.


Ensure exclusivity of your assets by automatically blocking pirated content.

1. Sign up to YouTube’s Partner Programme

Before you can join our Network you will need to sign up to YouTube’s Partner Programme. To apply your channel will need to have 4000 hours of watchtime within 12 months and 1000 subscribers minimum.

  • Head to your Creator Studio

  • Go to the ‘Channel’ column

  • Go to monetisation and apply to join

  • YouTube will notify you once accepted

2. Apply for the P Tune Studio YouTube Network

If your channel has been accepted by P Tune Studio then you can apply to join our YouTube Network.

  • Click hear Apply Now

  • Add your YouTube Channel details

  • We’ll get in contact after your channel review