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P Tune Studio is a music distributor and publishing aggregator company supported by artist, label, and sub-label rights owners worldwide. P Tune Studio was created to maximise value for sound recording owners in today’s digital age while providing the highest level of transparency and efficiency. P Tune Studio is mainly engaged in the licencing of copyrighted sound recordings and audio-visuals in mobile and digital modes and mediums. P Tune Studio is transparent in every aspect of the music business and works with the most advanced royalty and data management software and platform in the world. P Tune Studio is a complete media-related solution.


Music Distribution

Distribute your music worldwide using our digital distribution services. Get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and more with ease, confidence and world class suppor

Rights Management

Protect what matters to you most with our music rights management service. We safeguard your creations and online music from third parties who try to steal your sound!


Join our CMS and boost your revenue with 100% channel security from hacking. Protect your content from piracy with our advanced Youtube Content ID System.

Music Promotion Service

Get discovered, with the help of our music promotion experts! Work with our team to shape your image, plan your path to success and get your music out to the world.

Publishing Administration

Get credited and claim your earnings, with the help of our music publishing team! Our team work to get you earnings from the compositions you have been integral to creating.


Akassh, highlights the P Tune Studio's Distribution user-friendly interface, which simplifies the process of releasing music worldwide. He appreciates the platform's transparent royalty system, ensuring artists receive timely and accurate payments. The studio's commitment to maximizing earnings for artists and maintaining their independent status has also been noted positively. Additionally, P Tune Studio's fast submission process, effective promotion strategies, and extensive reach across various streaming and social media platforms make it a preferred choice for many artists​ (P Tune Studio)​​​.


Indian musical composer & Playback Singer

Kazi Shuvo, a prominent Bangladeshi artist, has praised P Tune Studio's Distribution s Music Distribution service for its efficiency and support, particularly in maintaining his independence as a musician. He highlighted the user-friendly interface and the transparent royalty reporting system as significant advantages. P Tune Studio allows artists to distribute their music across major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, among others, with a quick turnaround time and clear, monthly royalty payments​

Kazi Shuvo

Bangladeshi Artist

P Tune Studio is acclaimed for its user-friendly interface, efficient royalty collection, and promotion services, making it a popular choice among Bangladeshi artists. P Tune Studio offers a variety of services to help artists maintain their independence and maximize their earnings from music and videos. The reliability and efficiency of P Tune Studio's distribution service reinforce its reputation as a leading platform for independent musicians in the Bengali music industry.

Mahtim Shakib

Bangladeshi Singer

Salma Aktar, a well-regarded Bangladeshi singer, has expressed positive sentiments about her experience with P Tune Studio's Distribution services. P Tune Studio offers comprehensive digital music distribution, ensuring artists can get their music onto major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube with ease and efficiency. Salma highlighted the user-friendly interface and the transparent royalty reporting system as significant advantages, allowing artists to maintain control over their earnings and receive timely payments.

Salma Aktar

Bangladeshi Singer