You can safeguard your YouTube & YouTube Music releases with Content ID, giving you the option to ‘Monetise’ or ‘Track’ any content match that may arise relating to your release. This applies across the entire YouTube platform, allowing you to earn money whenever another person is generating earnings from copies of your track.

Facebook Rights Manager

Any time you release a new single or album to either Facebook or Instagram using Identity Music, you are able to secure the release with Facebook Rights Manager, completely free of charge. This will enable you to choose to ‘Monetise’, ‘Block’ or ‘Claim’ any content matches of your track(s) within our innovative dashboard, keeping your music yours.

TikTok Rights Management

Protect your music rights on TikTok. We assist you in claiming user-generated content (UGC) and earning your rightful royalties.

Soundcloud Rights Manager

We carefully monitor SoundCloud for any content matches, automatically blocking any discovered match across the entire platform.